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On Mastering the Role of ‘Maestro’ On Your Team

My kids often accuse me of starting many stories with “I heard this interesting story on NPR” so I’ll apologize now for starting this way – but it’s true – I did.READ MORE

Employee Engagement

"We don't have an employee engagement problem, we have a management problem"... was the insight that one of our clients shared with us this week. READ MORE

Leadership Excellence #3: Aligning People

As a leader who excels in their role, one very important skill is the ability to align people. Alignment means getting everyone on the same page and being able to communicate both individually and collectively in ways that people feel...READ MORE

Getting Traction in 2019

It's the beginning of the new year and we are in planning and intention setting model! Listen to hear about a great resource we found to help make business planning inspirational AND extremely practical...READ MORE

A Simple Game of Catch

A kind word in the cafeteria, a helpful comment from a meeting, an observation regarding a presentation – these are all ways we, as leaders, can engage other employees in supportive and encouraging ways.READ MORE

3 Leadership Lessons from Michelle Obama

I found the Former First Lady to be completely captivating, quite hilarious and more ‘real’ than I expected, and I noticed a thread throughout many of her remarks that seemed, at least to me, to be interesting perspectives on leadership.READ MORE

Leadership. I’ll Know It When I See It.

What makes a good leader and who gets to decide? This is a question that I’ve been pondering lately. It’s sort of like when someone says “they say this new restaurant is really great!” Don’t you wonder who ‘they are’?READ MORE