Interactive Webinars for Groups & Teams

In this unprecedented time of high stress and anxiety, Transformative Leadership Strategies (TLS) is pleased to offer a selection of highly interactive virtual sessions that are focused on supporting participants in navigating these uncertain times. 

Our most popular topics are listed below:

Finding Calm in the Chaos: Decreasing Stress Through Mindful Thinking

Participants will identify the relationship of how negative mind traps like worry can lead to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm in the body. The group will also explore how mindful attention and intention may shift unhelpful negative thinking patterns that can help increase focus and calm responsiveness.

Finding Calm in the Chaos: Decreasing Stress Through Mindful Breathing

Participants will practice various centering and breathing exercises as they deepen their awareness of how to create a sense of calm and peacefulness in their body, mind, and heart. No prior experience in mindfulness practice is required.

Supporting Grief & Loss with Empathy & Compassion

Participants will explore how feelings such as loss and grief are understandable emotional responses to the Coronavirus pandemic. The group will discuss how increasing one’s sense of empathy and compassion can provide important balance in these uncertain times.

Shifting from Crisis to Coping to Connection

Participants will self-identify physiological, emotional and mental states that occur when they experience a crisis. They will explore how to shift from reactive to more responsive states of being, while also discussing how connection to self and others can support healthy and creative outcomes.

Navigating Change & Building Resilience through Self-Care

Participants will explore ways to practice self-care in moments of time and learn strategies for creating habits of resilience. Building mental and emotional reserves of energy to utilize during times of change also will be discussed.

Creating Balance within Your ‘New Normal’

Participants will identify ways that disrupted routines and schedules may be contributing to higher levels of emotional (and even physical) exhaustion. They will explore how simple changes to space, schedule, and mindset can provide much-needed support during this chaotic time.

Reducing the Impact of Trauma Exposure for Clinicians

Participants in this session will learn to identify the signs/symptoms of Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma and will assess how they may be impacted by the nature of the care they provide.  They will utilize a Caregiver Wellbeing Assessment to identify holistic practices for self-care and long-term resilience.

Managing Challenging Feelings & Cultivating Courageous Conversations

During times of high emotion and uncertainty, it can be difficult to effectively process and manage the range of feelings we may experience. Discussing these challenging feelings and experiences with colleagues, staff members, and/or those in our communities, can create additional stress and anxiety. This webinar will normalize these experiences and will provide specific strategies and techniques that can be used by individuals to support themselves. It will also provide strategies for approaching conversations with others from a vulnerable yet courageous perspective.

The Role of Staff-Care in Effective Leadership

Participants will examine the role of staff-care within their organizations and teams, beginning with a focus on self-care and an examination of their own core values. They will then explore the ways that ‘staff-care’ supports healthy and effective teams and identify ways to assess how the team prioritizes ‘self/staff-care’. Finally, they will brainstorm strategies for incorporating this important element into the culture of their organization as well as their teams.

Please Note: Most topics can be adjusted to be delivered in a 1-3 hour timeframe. See below for details on the delivery method.

Staff Support & Discussion Sessions

In this time of great change and uncertainty, TLS has been facilitating in-depth, peer discussions with Executive Teams, Leadership Teams, and all levels of staff – supporting them in navigating the psychological and emotional challenges they are facing.

We are offering support through both group sessions and individual coaching options as described below.


Staff Support Discussions


Managing Change and the Unknown

TLS facilitates supportive discussions as leaders share how they are managing the challenges of the moment. We provide specific tools and skills to support leaders of all levels who are supporting their teams, including teams of Direct Care staff.

Managing Stress and Overwhelm

This session typically opens with a guided mindfulness practice to provide the opportunity for staff to center their minds and calm their emotions. Subsequent discussion focuses on specific tools and techniques for managing stress and overwhelm, primarily related to self-care and staff-care.

Dealing with Grief and Loss

The changes in our daily lives represent a significant loss of what ‘used to be’, which can create a feeling of grief. Recognizing how grief may manifest in each of us while discussing specific strategies for managing it forms the basis for this facilitated conversation.

Please Note: The above discussions can be conducted in a 30, 45, or 60-minute timeframe.

Mindfulness Meditation

Participants will be guided in 10-20 minute relaxation and rejuvenation practice with a brief discussion following the experience

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching for executives / leaders / staff can provide direct support for individuals who may be having a particularly difficult time managing through this moment of stress and uncertainty. Coaching tends to be an effective intervention, and often as few as 3 or 4 sessions can make a notable difference for participants.

Delivery Method

TLS typically utilizes the virtual technology platform Zoom to create an accessible and safe environment where people can share openly and receive support from us and their peers in interactive discussion while enabling guided mindfulness practices. A benefit to using a video technology platform is that it allows participants the ability to ‘see’ each other and feel more connected, rather than just listening on the phone. Note: We are also happy to discuss how to utilize any internal platforms an organization is utilizing for the delivery of these services.

Reach Out

In this time of high stress and anxiety, TLS is committed to offering comprehensive facilitation and coaching opportunities for calm reflection and peaceful problem-solving. Please reach out to us so we can brainstorm and customize a solution that meets the needs of your organization!

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