Henry Ford said: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is the progress. Working together is success.” At TLS, we think that’s true and might even add – ‘Succeeding together is hard’.

Organizations experience ever-changing and complex challenges every day. These might include:

→  Helping leaders transition into new or challenging roles
→  Improving communications within or between teams
→  Addressing challenges that arise from organizational realignment
→  Prioritizing and making efficient and effective decisions

However, even when the challenges may appear similar, we know that when it comes to organizational success, one size definitely does not fit all!

coaching for teams

Our coaching program takes this into account. We understand the importance of assessing the styles of leaders and team members while understanding the organization’s culture. We also understand the value this kind of support can provide to leaders and teams, which can include:

→  Increased productivity
→  Increased employee engagement
→  Decreased conflict within or among teams

Schedule an opportunity to discuss your specific situation with us. Together we can determine if TLS may be helpful to your organization.

Stacie’s greatest strength when leading teams is setting the expectation for true collaboration. She comes into each interaction ready to learn from others and creates an environment where teams focus on solving problems and creating change. She… creates a culture where relationships are valued and performance is expected.


– Director, Healthcare


Our coaching programs seek to develop leadership skills in primary areas such as:

→  Effective decision-making and prioritization for leaders
→  Understanding the importance of alignment for leaders, focusing on the three A’s: alignment, action, adjustment
→  Reinforcing leadership behaviors that have the greatest positive impact
→  Understanding communication, conflict and leadership styles and how these matter
→  Giving and receiving high-quality feedback

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What do you get out of working with us? Transformation. Change. Results.


While the coaching programs for teams and organizations are customized for each engagement, they do tend to follow a basic structure that includes the following components:

Working with key individuals/team members we identify challenges as well as short and mid-term goals. This step may require use of external tools such as (but not limited to): 360° Assessment and team/individual assessments of conflict and communication styles.

Development of the Strategy and Action Plan
In this step, we will focus on what you would like to change and assign priority to the change. We will create a tangible, step-by-step plan that will enable the team to begin to make the changes required for success.

In this step, we will empower the team to collectively monitor progress, celebrate successes and address obstacles that may arise along the way.


We can also provide support to specific leaders within your organization that you wish to further develop through our individual coaching programs, including 360° Assessments.

To speak more specifically about how TLS can provide support for your organization’s teams and leaders, schedule an appointment for an exploratory call.

Five Strategies to Enable Leaders

We know organizations depend on leaders. We also know that not all leaders come equipped with all the skills needed to be successful – but most are fully capable of achieving success with the right support.

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Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people.

– Earl Nightingale

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Ready to Take the First Step?

What do you get out of working with us?  Transformation. Change. Results.

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