A dynamic, professional development program designed for women who want to excel as leaders and access their strengths, talents, and fullest potential!

What if there was a single program for your most impactful female leaders that provided:

  • An opportunity to define and develop what it means to be an authentic leader, in support of themselves as well as those they lead?
  • Opportunity to practice strategies and skills that could increase the impact and value they bring to the organization?
  • An environment where they could create a vision for success and support to optimize their capabilities?
As a woman juggling many (often competing) priorities, do you want to:

  • Feel more confident, competent, and self-assured?
  • Be clearer and feel more balanced in how you make decisions?
  • Connect to yourself as an authentic and powerful leader?
  • Support, and feel supported by, a community of amazing woman leaders?

I feel as if I’ve been woven together;
really getting clearer on my ‘Why’

– WLE Participant

Program Overview

The Women’s Leadership Experience™ (WLE) is a dynamic professional development program designed for women in the workplace who want to connect to themselves as authentic leaders who feel confident and balanced as they care for themselves while leading others. It is designed for women who are leaders within their organizations who are interested in continuing to develop their leadership skills for both current and future roles. Instructors for this program are Alicia Davis, PCC, and Stacie Watson, CPC. Alicia and Stacie are owners/partners of Transformative Leadership Strategies (TLS), a leadership development and coaching organization focused on supporting leaders and teams.

Program Purpose

The goal of the program is to support leadership development for women leaders working in organizations that are focused on helping others. The program will support women in learning to recognize and address fear, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Focus will be placed on developing executive presence and confidence. Using a ‘coaching approach’, instructors will create a safe environment where feedback can be shared and received. Participants will develop strong interpersonal connections among group members, providing a key external support system. Ultimately, participants will be able to apply new skills, strategies, and techniques in their work within their organizations as well as with their clients.

Transformative Leadership Strategies is proud to present


The 6-month program includes 22 hours of direct support for all participants. Focus will be on strengthening the qualities required to be an effective leader. Exploration will focus on three key skill areas of leadership: Confidence, Balance, and Authentic Leadership. Open dialogue will include areas of challenge, self-management skills, and effective communication.


2nd Tuesday of the Month
April 13 through September 14, 2021


Six, 3-hour virtual sessions
All recorded for easy review


Four, 1-hour sessions
Apply skills, tools, and techniques learned in group sessions



To deepen skill development and application



Easy access to materials, group session recordings, and other resources


E-MAIL and Q&A

As needed for support between sessions

This program has been approved by NASW/CT for 18 continuing education credits.


$1,995 for the 6-month program

Investment includes: 18-hours Group Coaching; 4-hours Individual Coaching; 24/7 Web Portal access; Email access to coaches as needed


Once registered, participants will receive an intake form to complete prior to the program’s start. Please note there will be no more than 20 participants included in this program.

About the Program Facilitators

Alicia Davis, PCC, is a Professional Certified Coach, former CT Licensed Massage Therapist, and owner/partner in the coaching firm Transformative Leadership Strategies. She brings over 30 years of leadership development experience in the fields of holistic healthcare, social services, and behavioral health non-profits, insurance, engineering, and corporate settings. She creates dynamic coaching and teambuilding experiences for leaders at all levels of an organization that addresses challenges such as organizational culture, team alignment, change management, communication, and high stress. Alicia offers a unique Core Energy™ coaching approach to individuals, executives, teams, and boards who are looking to achieve exceptional results.
Stacie Watson, CPC, is a Certified Professional Coach, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and an owner/partner in Transformative Leadership Strategies, a firm that specializes in supporting management transformation through coaching and experiential learning. Stacie brings three decades of experience supporting leaders in behavioral health, Employee Assistance Programs, and medical health insurance organizations. In her various roles, Stacie has been responsible for working with leaders and teams as they navigate significant change – focusing on issues such as organizational design, aligning culture, effective communication, and sustainable results. She also works closely with organizations that wish to address and improve culture and employee engagement.
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