TLS is committed to serving the needs of leaders and teams with a uniquely holistic approach. By focusing on how leaders are ‘BEING’ while they are ‘DOING’, we guide them to experience greater levels of self-awareness while providing immediately applicable skills – resulting in more effective leadership.
We support people
who support people.
Providing leadership development and wellbeing programs for nonprofit organizations.
We understand the challenges of nonprofit leaders. We have provided thousands of hours of support to nonprofit organizations that are providing essential services within their communities. No matter what role you have or what need you are experiencing, we’re here to help.
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Partnering with nonprofit associations to provide transformational experiences for their members.
TLS partners with nonprofit associations by developing tailored wellbeing and leadership development programs that may be offered to association members. Our programs address common challenges faced by CEOs, managers, and staff at all levels.
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Delivering essential leadership and wellbeing support for state agencies and municipalities.
We understand the hard work involved in making state and local communities healthier and safer. We know that individuals who work in these agencies offer so much of themselves in support of others. We also know this can lead to high levels of stress, overwhelm and burnout – all areas of focus and expertise for TLS.
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Aligning leaders and teams within businesses and corporations for greater effectiveness.
Our work within organizations is often related to challenges of poor communication, ineffective leadership, misaligned teams, and/or disengaged staff. If your organization is experiencing issues related to topics such as these, we can provide innovative programs and services designed to specifically address your needs.
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Provided support & guidance

The coaches at TLS quickly understood our complex project and, working with a diverse team across the organization, provided support and guidance to enable the team to reach its full potential and achieve its objectives.