The TLS Learning Academy™ - Launching in April 2024
Strengthening teams through engaging coaching experiences

“I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.” – Abby Wambach

How teams come together, stay together, and perform together is at the heart of every successful organization.

At TLS, we work with teams of all sizes and across many disciplines.  We understand that, at their essence, teams are groups of unique individuals who are working toward a common vision or goal.  We support them as they manage through a myriad of challenges that may come from a variety of sources.  Some of the more common areas of challenge include:

  • Ineffective communication
  • Lack of team focus and alignment
  • Low motivation/morale and high stress/burnout
  • Lack of trust or respect
  • Inappropriate boundaries resulting in conflict
  • Lack of empathy and emotional intelligence

We have a variety of approaches to support teams through these kinds of transitions.

The Team Results Roadmap

In this highly engaging team coaching experience, team members are guided through a process that can quickly create a shared focus and understanding of both individual and team needs.  Some outcomes of the process include:

  • Reinforcing full team alignment by clarifying the desired result on which the team is focused
  • Understanding patterns of thinking, behaviors, and habits that lead to (or detract from) peak performance
  • Focusing on the right actions and eliminating distractions to create actionable and sustainable change

The Team Results Roadmap process occurs over the period of 6-hours (which may be delivered in one day,  2-hour, or 3-hour segments), and may be delivered either onsite or virtually.

Teambuilding Retreats

Sometimes teams benefit from simply taking time to connect to each other.  It can be powerful to step away from the day-to-day operations and focus on themselves as a team.  At TLS we reinforce the importance of taking time to focus on ‘how are we being, while we are doing.’

TLS provides facilitation services for teams ranging from those who are newly forming, are experiencing significant change, and/or are looking to elevate their level of effectiveness and performance.

We can facilitate partial or full-day retreats (virtually or in-person) where we work with team leaders to define the goals and outcomes, identify key topics to includes, and work to create experiences that are designed to support the team in achieving its goals.

Customized Teambuilding Experience

TLS prides itself on creating teambuilding experiences that meet the specific needs of a given team and circumstance.  We work directly with leaders to design innovative and transformational experiences.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create a program to elevate your team!

Significant improvement in staff morale

Since bringing TLS into our interdisciplinary team and working with the staff, we have seen a significant improvement in staff morale, feelings of rejuvenation, and employees feeling valued and understood.

Qualities of gentleness, kindness, and authenticity

TLS helped us to look at key areas we needed to address as a team; and create the action plan needed to accomplish trust, communication, and integrity within our team structure. They brought qualities of centeredness and humor, as well as gentleness, kindness, and authenticity to the team process.

Successfully developed a level of trust

Alicia's keen listening skills and intuitiveness enabled her to quickly identify the individual team dynamics at play. Combined with her open and accepting demeanor, she successfully developed a level of trust with the group members. The outcome for the group was an increased level of self-awareness and understanding of group dynamics, and a commitment by all to building and sustaining an effective team environment.