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Communicate with Confidence: Part Two – Reframe Beliefs

Consider a time when you’ve wanted to say something but held back because you experienced some self-doubt. That feeling of being stuck because of internal doubts or negative beliefs is exactly what we’re talking about today – so join us!READ MORE
leadership survey

Survey Results

The (preliminary) results are in!  Listen to today’s video to hear about the ‘top’ challenges experienced by leaders and staff members!  Do you agree with the top choices? READ MORE
culture of leadership

Culture of Leadership

What does a ‘Culture of Leadership’ mean to you?  Listen to hear more about Stacie’s inspirational conversation with a visionary CEO! READ MORE
leadership presence communications

Leadership Presence: Part Four

How can we bring 'leadership presence' into our communications, even when things are stressful and anything but calm? Listen as we share a simple 6-step approach that addresses this very question! READ MORE
leadership crisis chaos

Leadership Presence: Part Three

What do the words PAUSE, MOVE, and SAY all have in common? Join us as we explore what leadership presence looks like in times of chaos – and we’ll answer the question! READ MORE