The TLS Learning Academy™ - Launching in April 2024
Essential leadership and wellbeing support for state agencies and municipalities

State Agencies & Municipalities

Supporting people who support people.  This is the focus of TLS and nowhere is it more applicable than in the work we do supporting state agencies and local municipalities.

These organizations and teams are centrally focused on making their state and local communities healthier, safer, and all-around better.  This work is critical – and hard.  Individuals who work in these organizations offer so much of themselves in support of others – and at times can feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burned-out.

TLS has many programs designed to support these groups.  Whether it’s support for a team, wellbeing support for staff members, or focused leadership development for managers – we can help.

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Individuals who work in the criminal justice system often feel (understandably so) that they need to maintain a ‘tough’ exterior with the individuals they serve and, sometimes, with their colleagues as well.  This was true for many of the members of a state team of juvenile parole officers.  They were finding their patience was wearing thin and they were experiencing stress and exhaustion.

After participating in a few wellbeing webinars that focused on topics such as setting boundaries, resilience, and balance – many members of the team expressed that they had new awareness for how they were (or were not) caring for themselves.  They had some new strategies they could use to support themselves within and outside of the workplace – and these new approaches made a difference they could see and feel.