The TLS Learning Academy™ is Live!
Providing leadership development & wellbeing programs for nonprofit organizations

"It takes a deep commitment to change, and an even deeper commitment to grow." - Deepak Chopra

Over the past many years, we have provided support to a variety of nonprofit organizations – ranging from those who support behavioral healthcare needs to those offering residential programs – and everything in between.

No matter what role you have or what needs you are experiencing, we’re here to help. Please read on to see the specific ways we can support you, your team, and/or your organization.

Managers / Supervisors

“Good leaders develop ideas.  Great leaders develop people. The best leaders develop new leaders. – Bobby Umar

Individuals may enter management roles because:

  • They excel at their front-line/direct care role
  • They demonstrate incredible potential and seem ready for promotion
  • Staffing challenges have created management gaps that must be filled quickly

No matter how an individual finds their way into management, it’s important to offer ongoing training and support to ensure they continue to develop their skills and confidence as leaders.

Please select either of the options below for more information on how TLS can support managers and supervisors within your organization.


After a year of incredible unpredictability and change due to the pandemic, leaders and staff within a behavioral health organization were burned out.  They had shifted from the initial “fight, flight, freeze” response into a kind-of lethargy where everything felt hard, staffing challenges were real, and energy levels were low.

When we received the call from a senior leader, the message was … “please help.”

The organization decided to offer a series of Wellbeing for Staff webinars on a rotating basis, to accommodate a variety of schedules.  The webinars allowed the opportunity for connection among employees outside of their normal day-to-day responsibilities.  They also provided specific approaches and ideas for prioritizing self and self-care.

Feedback from employees was incredibly positive.  In part, this was because of the connections that individuals were able to make with each other during the sessions.  It was also based on their appreciation that leadership recognized their need for support.

Executives / Senior Leaders

“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” – Brené Brown

Executive / senior leadership presents interesting challenges.  You are tasked with taking a longer view in setting direction while also addressing tactical decisions day-by-day.  It’s preparing for the future while keeping staff engaged and motivated right now.   In addition, you may be asked to address and execute on:

  • Organizational change
  • Priorities related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Strategic initiatives

Easy, right??

We understand the challenges of senior leadership and are prepared to offer well-established, yet customizable options for support.   Please select any of the options below for more information on how TLS can support you and your leaders/staff within your organization.


The executive leadership team of a large nonprofit organization was stuck.  There had been so much focus on the ‘here and now’ challenges related to funding, the pandemic, and staffing – little time or attention had been placed on how the team was planning for the future or supporting their own leaders along the way.

TLS was asked to join the team for a series of focused sessions, starting with the Team Results Roadmap experience.  This experience allowed the team to create an aligned vision of how they wanted to work as a team.  From there, they were able to identify two to three key priorities on which to focus.  They were able to create specific action plans and began to feel as if they were making real progress on the most important priorities for the organization – as a team.

Board Support

TLS has extensive experience in supporting Boards in a variety of capacities. Whether it’s related to setting strategic direction, establishing clear roles/responsibilities, or clarifying boundaries between “Board work” and “Org work” – we can help.

Learn how TLS can support you as a CEO, your board, and leaders/staff within your organization.


An organization serving adults with developmental disabilities found itself at a crossroad with two brand new Board members and two current members who had been on the Board for many years.  The new members had some innovative ideas and brought fresh (although somewhat unfocused) energy.  The legacy members were less enthusiastic about making significant changes, stating, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

TLS began work with the Board by actively engaging each member in co-creating a vision for themselves as a Board.  Differences were aired and common ground was established.  The more the members were able to see the common commitment to the mission of the organization, the more it became possible to navigate the challenging topics and become excited about the vision for the future.

CEO Support

“It can be lonely at the top.” – Anonymous Nonprofit CEO

Not many people, outside of other Nonprofit CEOs / Executive Directors (EDs), can truly appreciate how difficult it is to fill the role of CEO.  We know because we’ve spent many hours with CEOs/EDs who share with us the many challenges they face while navigating areas such as:

  • Financial stability
  • Adequate staffing
  • Strategic planning
  • Board engagement
  • And the list goes on and on

Along with providing extensive Executive Coaching for CEO / EDs, TLS launched our first CEO Forum in 2018. This forum was designed to provide CEOs like you with a unique, confidential, and collaborative place where you can receive meaningful support from your peers. These groups serve an important need by connecting CEOs within a coach-facilitated community of peers. We have also collaborated with The Connecticut Alliance to launch additional forums since 2021.


A relatively new CEO found herself challenged by the constantly changing priorities, trying to meet the expectations of what felt like competing interests, and the ability to find some kind of balance between work and home.  She joined the CEO forum thinking, “What can it hurt?  At least these folks will have a sense of the realities of my life!”

After joining the group, she quickly realized this group served a much greater purpose than just providing input and insight – although that was really, really helpful.  She realized the group made her feel much less alone and much more connected – which was just what she needed.

Ability to keep large, diverse groups of people engaged and motivated

TLS tailored sessions to the needs of our organization and staff. They directly addressed the issues we were facing and left us with a plan for tangible actions that we took to improve communications in our organization. They have the ability to keep large, diverse groups of people engaged and motivated to participate.