Supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of staff who support others

“How am I BEING, while I am DOING?”

We call ourselves human ‘beings’ – however, given how much we focus our efforts on others – perhaps we should call ourselves human ‘doings’! At TLS, we see the challenge and stress that staff and leaders experience when they focus primarily on ‘doing’ (for others) and spend little time focusing on their own needs.

As you consider some of the ongoing challenges and persistent stressors within your organization, you may notice high levels of overwhelm and burnout. You may also be experiencing issues related to:

  • Lower levels of employee engagement
  • Retention challenges
  • Negative attitudes and low morale
  • Little time to focus on self-care

We understand these challenges because we see them all the time.  We know that all people need to feel seen, valued, and understood – and we integrate this approach into all our wellbeing sessions.  Through highly experiential programs designed to address the most pressing challenges, participants are able to feel their energy levels rise and bring increased levels of calm and focus into their daily routines.

Each session incorporates a simple mindfulness practice and is designed to promote feelings of safety and connection among participants.   We customize each topic to meet the needs of your organization.  See the list below for some of our most requested topics:

Balance is a 'Verb' - Creative Approaches to Work/Life Challenges

Participants will identify ways that unpredictable and persistent challenges to routines and schedules may be contributing to higher levels of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion and lead to a sense of being ‘out of balance.’  They will explore how to bring ‘out of the box’ thinking into the process of identifying simple strategies for finding greater balance in life.

Becoming Your Best Self: Strategies for Creating a High-Energy Life

Participants will have the opportunity to explore strategies for increasing energy, focus, and satisfaction in life by discovering (or rediscovering) their Core Values and Core Needs.  Intentional decision making will also be explored as a strategy for creating a more fulfilling and engaged life.

Finding Calm in the Chaos: Decreasing Stress through Mindfulness

Participants will explore the connection between how worry creates a feeling of anxiety in the body and how to begin to shift negative thinking patterns through mindful attention and intention.  They will also practice various centering and breathing exercises to deepen their awareness of how to create a sense of calm and peacefulness in their body, mind and heart.  No prior experience in mindfulness practice is required.

Managing COVID-Fatigue with Essential Care

Since March 2020, the COVID pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis that is negatively affecting care providers in significant and ongoing ways. This has created a ‘chronic crisis’ phenomenon that has included isolation and disconnection from others while contributing to feelings of deep exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, grief, and loss.  In this session, participants explore a new perspective on ‘self-care’ that includes holistic practices designed to increase energy and support mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Moving Forward During Times of Uncertainty

Whether you are working from home, back in the office, or following some kind of hybrid schedule – it may be different from how you were working pre-pandemic.  The differences we are experiencing now, along with the uncertainty of what’s to come, can create challenging thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.  Join this session as we explore how to continue moving forward, even in the face of uncertainty.  We will discuss ways we can see opportunity amidst all the challenges and will discuss specific strategies to support ourselves, our staff, and our leaders while navigating these uncertain times.

Navigating Change & Building Resilience through Self-Care

Participants will explore ways to practice self-care during times of change and learn strategies for creating habits of resilience.  Building mental and emotional reserves of energy to utilize during times of transition will also be discussed.

Reducing the Impact of Trauma Exposure & Cultivating Personal Resilience

Participants in this session will learn to identify the signs/symptoms of Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma and will assess how they may be impacted by the nature of the care they provide.  They will utilize a Caregiver Wellbeing Assessment to identify holistic practices for self-care and long-term resilience.

Strengthening Hope During Challenging Times

Participants will be invited to deepen their connection to themselves and others in this highly interactive and reflective session. They will be given an opportunity to assess levels of satisfaction across various aspects of life and identify specific strategies for addressing areas that are challenging. Finally, they will explore the meaning of hope and how it may apply in their current situation using a sensory visualization process and creating a specific plan for change.

Supporting Grief & Loss with Empathy & Compassion

Participants will explore how feelings of loss and grief are understandable emotional responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as other difficult life events.  The group will discuss how increasing one’s sense of empathy and compassion can provide important balance during uncertain times.

The Role of Staff-Care in Effective Leadership

Participants will examine the role of staff care within their organizations and teams, beginning with a focus on self-care and an examination of their own core values. They will then explore the ways that ‘staff-care’ supports healthy and effective teams and identify ways to assess how the team prioritizes ‘self/staff care’.  Finally, they will brainstorm strategies for incorporating this important element into the culture of their organization as well as their teams.

I'm more aware of how to incorporate balance within my life

I think that today’s training was very insightful. It definitely made me more aware of the different systems within my life and how to incorporate balance within these systems, whether it be working from home or interacting with family.

Enjoyable and surprisingly interactive

This was my second webinar with TLS, and both have been enjoyable, surprisingly interactive, and meaningful to me and the work that I do!

Presentation was infectious

Excellent job interacting with participants and engaging participants to interact with one another. Your presentation is so infectious I forgot it was a webinar. Truly enjoyed this training.