The TLS Learning Academy™ is Live!
Dynamic and engaging presentations on leadership development and staff wellbeing

Alicia and Stacie welcome opportunities to speak about some of their favorite topics, including wellbeing, leadership, and navigating change.  We have extensive experience in speaking in a variety of settings, a few are listed below:

  • Organization in-services and convocations
  • Association / Conference keynotes
  • National Conferences
  • Radio show and podcast interviews

If you are looking for a highly engaging speaker for your upcoming event, we are ready to support you.  Whether we speak together or individually, your participants will absolutely appreciate and enjoy our experience and enthusiasm that is a hallmark of our presentation style!

Contact us to learn how we can engage with your audience in meaningful ways!

Alicia has a peaceful and wise way about her

I have worked with Alicia for many years and have seen her in action working with small groups, conference training workshops, and giving a keynote for hundreds of our members at our annual conference. She has so much to offer, whether for a group of 5 stressed nursing home workers in their staff break room, 50 folks trying to relax at a conference workshop, or hundreds of people up and moving, dancing and high fiving, at the end of an all-day conference. Alicia has a peaceful and wise way about her.

Stacie is insightful and informative

I love how insightful and informative Stacie made the presentation. It certainly challenged me to examine my leadership abilities. I am in a newer management role and the information I took from Stacie will help guide me along the way. Great presenter!