A dynamic, professional development program designed for women who want to excel as leaders, leveraging their strengths and talents to realize their fullest potential.


Can you relate?

Perhaps you, like many of our WLE participants, have experienced one or more of the following challenges:

  • You focus on addressing the needs of others, often at the expense of your own needs
  • You doubt your competence, even though you have demonstrated your abilities countless times
  • You use your ‘game face’ to cover insecurities so others aren’t aware of how you are feeling
  • You experience high levels of stress and anxiety, especially when faced with change and uncertainty
  • You feel alone and want to be connected to a network of supportive women like yourself


The Women’s Leadership Experience (WLE) is a unique leadership program, designed specifically for women who, like you, are leaders within their organizations and interested in continuing to develop leadership skills for current and future roles. The program focuses on three main topics:

  • Building Confidence
  • Exploring Balance
  • Defining Authentic Leadership

The program offers ample opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. Like many women leaders, you may find you struggle with fear, anxiety, and self-doubt (also known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’). Through WLE, you will:

  • Explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that detract from your ability to lead effectively
  • Discover and celebrate those aspects of yourself that support your leadership success
  • Examine the role confidence plays in various aspects of leadership, including ‘speaking up’ and ‘executive presence’

The WLE coach facilitators will create a safe environment designed to support the giving and receiving of constructive feedback. You will develop strong interpersonal connections with other group members while receiving one-on-one support through individual coaching sessions.

You will also be able to apply new skills, strategies, and techniques in your workplace as well as with clients you may serve, starting as soon as you complete Module One!


The Women’s Leadership Experience is a 6-month leadership coaching program designed by women leaders – for women leaders. It’s based on data gathered from women working at various levels of their organization and is tailored to address real-world challenges in real-time.

This program provides the opportunity to create a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader while also connecting you to a like-minded group of supportive and encouraging women!


Deepen Self-Awareness

WLE is designed to support you in deepening your self-awareness (‘Who am I and what do I really need?”) while also providing the opportunity to build essential leadership skills, strategies, and techniques.

Explore Strengths / Opportunities

WLE allows you to celebrate and build your core strengths and talents as well as promote opportunities for growth in areas of challenge and/or concern.

Build Your Network

WLE provides you with a community of women leaders who may become an important part of your support network as well as individualized support in the form of coaching sessions, tailored specifically to you.

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The 6-month program includes 22 hours of group and individual coaching for all participants.

Focus will be on strengthening the qualities required to be an effective leader, including three key skill areas of Confidence, Balance, and Authentic Leadership.

Open dialogue will include areas of challenge, self-management skills, and effective communication.

Programs run April through September and October through March.
Six, 3-hour virtual group coaching sessions held monthly; all recorded for easy review.
Four, 1-hour individual coaching sessions where you can apply skills, tools, and techniques from group sessions.
Worksheets tailored to accompany key topics and concepts and designed to deepen skill development and application.
Easy access to materials, group session recordings, and all other WLE resources.
24/7 support provided between sessions, as needed.

Environment of safety, sharing, empowerment

I was initially hesitant about joining this group as I was doubtful that I'd feel comfortable sharing my leadership and work challenges in front of strangers. I could not have been more mistaken. Alicia and Stacie, through their complete authenticity, created an environment of safety, sharing, and empowerment. Our group quickly came to care for, and support, one another as we explored together what we can grow to be and what holds us back from those goals. It was a magical alchemy created by Alicia and Stacie for which I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend this group to any woman seeking personal and professional exploration and growth.

The perfect mix of lecture, discussion, and experiential practice

It is incredibly difficult to put into brief words how incredible Alicia, Stacie, and the Women's Leadership Experience truly are. There is not a single moment from our months together that I would change. With the perfect mix of lecture, discussion, and experiential practice there is something for every woman. Individual and group sessions allow you to share at your own comfort level while connecting with other women leaders about their own experiences. I cannot recommend this program enough for anyone looking to slow down, look inward, and become a better leader.

I am now more aware

I am now more aware of my leadership style and how that style impacts my ability to connect with my staff to support them in their work.




$2,495.00 USD

The 6-month program includes 18-hours of Group Coaching; 4-hours of Individual Coaching;
24/7 Web Portal access; Email access to coaches as needed.

Payment options include:
Pay in full: $2,495.00
Pay in three installments of $860.00 each
Pay in four installments of $650.00 each


Below you will find an outline of each of the six modules, including the flow of topics from month to month. For a more detailed program description, feel free to download the PDF.

Confidence: Part 1

Begin a deep exploration into ‘Confidence’ by defining what it is and taking a self-assessment. Explore the first two (of eight) factors of confidence: Being in the Moment / Cultivating Presence and Connection to Core Values.

Confidence: Part 2

Continue to explore Confidence by focusing on the factors of Intellectual Knowledge and Collaboration with Others. Discover how you can increase your Belief in Yourself and your Positive Self-Talk through the use of a powerful coaching tool.

Confidence: Part 3

Complete the Confidence exploration through a focus on your Willingness to Take Action and Risk Taking. There will be an opportunity to dive into the concept of Speaking Up and Voicing Your Opinion and, finally, to explore the role that Resilience and Your Ability to Adapt plays in your confidence.


Begin your journey to understanding what ‘Balance’ means to you – including defining balance and exploring the role that holistic self-care plays. We will consider how managing your energy and assessing your time management might contribute to a greater sense of balance.

Authentic Leadership

What does it mean TO YOU to be an “Authentic Leader”? You will have the opportunity to take the TLS-designed Leadership Excellence in Action assessment, which will highlight your strengths and pinpoint specific areas for ongoing focus and development.

Celebrate the Journey

Celebrate your WLE journey by reflecting on the insights you have gained. Share your Personal Leadership Statement created as a way to reflect yourself as an Authentic Leader. Complete the program by finalizing a Personal Action Plan which will serve as ongoing support to your leadership development.


As experienced women leaders ourselves, we have a tremendous amount of appreciation for many of the challenges faced by women leaders today. This, combined with our extensive executive coaching experience, has resulted in a truly transformational women’s leadership program!



Professional Certified Coach

Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner

Licensed Practitioner, Results System™

Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator

Former CT Licensed Massage Therapist



Certified Professional Coach

Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner

Licensed Practitioner, Results System™

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Masters, Business Administration



Doctorate, Developmental & Child Psychology

Professional Certified Coach, International Coaches Federation

Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner

An amazing experience

Alicia and Stacie masterfully create a safe space to be vulnerable and explore. Their sincerity, focus, and belief in the mission create an amazing experience.

Really great synergy

Alicia and Stacie are fantastic! They have really great synergy and the perfect "vibration" for the work. I really appreciate their way of being during the individual and group coaching sessions - it really helped to reinforce the concepts.

Sessions were a safe space for sharing

Extremely engaging. Always made the sessions a safe space for exploring and sharing.


As you have probably gathered, we are enthusiastic about supporting women leaders! We are also passionate about WLE, primarily because we’ve heard from so many women that the program has been a truly unique and transformational experience!

Remember some of the key features of the program include:

Experiencing both group and individual coaching sessions, meaning you receive the benefit of learning from (and with) a dynamic group of women leaders while also receiving individualized support from your own Coach.
Participating in a six-month program allows you to build the group coaching sessions into your calendar in a manageable way. It also means you have time to learn new skills and strategies and practice them along the way while building your professional network.
The fully automated 24/7 portal, as well as unlimited email access, means you are always able to receive program support in meaningful ways.


We’ve addressed some of the more common questions we hear below. If you have others, please feel free to reach out.

Is this program for me?

This program is designed for women at all levels within their organization. We have had participants who are newer in their management roles as well as more seasoned women leaders. We find that no matter the experience level, participants learn from each other and gain powerful insights into themselves.

Are payment plans possible?

Yes, we want to make this as affordable as possible! During the online registration process, you will see the payment plan options that are currently available.

Can my organization pay for my participation?

Absolutely! Just email us and we will send an invoice to you to submit for payment and/or reimbursement.

How much time is required outside of the monthly group sessions?

That’s totally up to you! At a minimum, you will schedule four, 1-hour coaching sessions over the course of the 6-month program. Other than that, any other activities or efforts are totally discretionary. Our participants tell us that they just naturally begin to incorporate their learning into their daily leadership activities.

How many women will be in my group?

The minimum size of the group is 8 and the maximum is 15. That way we ensure that we are able able to provide personalized attention during group coaching sessions.

Is it possible for multiple women from the same organization to participate in the same group? Is there a discount?

Yes! We have found that multiple women from the same organization enjoy the opportunity to participate together in this kind of forum (and don’t worry, if for some reason there is a challenging dynamic between co-workers, we can accommodate that too).

Please contact us to learn about any preferred pricing should you wish to send multiple women through the program.

Do you host an information session about WLE so I can learn more about the program and determine if I think it’s right for me or my women leaders?

We sure do! Email us and let us know you are interested in learning more about the WLE program, and we will include you on our email notification list related to upcoming information sessions. They are usually held 3-5 weeks prior to the beginning of the WLE program.


$2,495.00 USD

The 6-month program includes 18-hours Group Coaching; 4-hours Individual Coaching;
24/7 Web Portal access; Email access to coaches as needed.

Payment options include:
Pay in full: $2,495.00
Pay in three installments of $860.00 each
Pay in four installments of $650.00 each

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